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With over 40,000 visitors and 500 exhibitors, the International Mining Exhibition (EXPOSIBRAM) and the Brazilian Mining Congress gather every two years hundreds of entrepreneurs, government and private organizations in a single place. In 2017, the events 17th edition organized by the Brazilian Mining Association - IBRAM (www.ibram.org.br) will be held from September 18th to 21th, in Belo Horizonte (MG), Brazil.

The largest mining trade fair in Latin America, EXPOSIBRAM features 13,000 m² of stands, represented by the major mining companies with global operations as well as big suppliers of products and services. Innovations in technology, equipment, software and other products related to the mining industry, and information about investment and management are released and presented at the event.

Held in parallel to the exhibition, the Brazilian Mining Congress attracts more than two thousand participants from experts, researchers, students and business representatives. The agenda of the lectures takes into account the global political and socioeconomic context as well as the business perspectives for the coming decades announced by the mining companies.

You can’t miss this strategic opportunity to consolidate the relationship with suppliers, entrepreneurs and the general public. Join us, participate, get updates through key discussions and innovations, and deepen your knowledge on the mining sector.


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We would like to warn all Exhibitors of EXPOSIBRAM 2017 who have been contacted by any company not authorized by the Event organizers. Please note that
1 - The Brazilian Mining Institute (IBRAM) states that it has no ties with the company International Fairs Directory, which has sent letters to the exhibitors requesting a registration of the company for the disclosure of data in the Index of Exhibitors of Fairs and Exhibitions.
2 - This is a supposed update of data that, if completed and signed, confirms that the exhibitor agrees to make a payment in the amount of Euros 1,212.00. The charge of this fee is written at the end of the letter being sent by the company International Fairs Directory. If you have received any communication from this company, we suggest that you return it via email or fax prohibiting such action.
3 - For any further questions or clarifications, please contact ETICA Eventos, e-mail: exposibram2017@eticaeventos.net.br -- the Executive Secretariat of the Event, and the only company authorized to negotiate on behalf of IBRAM.
4 - We also point out that no data was provided by IBRAM, ETICA Eventos, Panda Promoções or Hyrnastha-Inovar to third parties.
Thank you for your understanding.
Brazilian Institute of Mining (IBRAM)